Summer activities... What our region has to offer!

“Raggaschlucht” - The Ragga gorge is a natural geographically formed gorge. Known as one of the most beautiful and spectacular gorges in the Alps.  The 800 meter long gorge features waterfalls and vertical overhanging cliffs.  For thousands of years the “Ragga” has been crashing its way through the gorge.   Experience the energy and power of the water as you wander along the cliffs, gorge and over bridges.

Outdoor swimming pool Flattach
In “Flattach” there is a public outdoor swimming pool with a 27 meter slide together with a kids paddling pool and a large grass area to relax and play for the whole family.

The area around “Flattach” and the National Park Hohe Tauern offer an extensive range of hiking trails with something to suit all levels of expertise and fitness.  Whether you are looking to hike high into the Alps or you want to wander from mountain hut to mountain hut, there is something to suit everyone. Explore the areas, “Grossfragrant” and “Kleinfragrant” in the natural reserve with its numerous hiking trails.

A tennis club with 2 sand courts can be found in “Kleindorf/Flattach”. In winter you will find 2 indoor courts along with a squash court in the nearby village of “Obervellach”.

Fishing   - Fly Fishing
For fishing enthusiasts there are two dedicated fishing areas with a total of 26km along both sides of the river Möll. A further 18km along the banks of the river Möll from the mouth of the “Gößnitzbach” to the village of “Penk” is also suitable for fishing. The daily fishing pass also includes a stretch of 4km along the “Teuchl” river.

Rafting and Canyoning
Those looking for wild water adventures will be thrilled by the huge range of activities available here in the Mölltall valley.  The river Möll is recognised as one of the most exciting rafting waters in the Eastern Alps.    Exceptional water quality along with original unspoilt stretches and the constant strong flow of water make it an unforgettable experience for water lovers.

Wild water arena Mölltall “Wildwasserarena”
An extensive variety of sport activities can be found at the wild water area Mölltall: Whitewater rafting, hydrospeed, Canoe rodeo, Canoe Slalom, River surfing, Riverburg and tubing (source: National Park Hohe Tauern)